There are times in life when you feel that you can do everything on your own…. Or that you do stuff better when you have it for yourself.
You begin to think that when other people gets involved, something wrong is going to happen. Defects and imperfections are imminent. Problems will surely surface. They might also be times when you feel that you are the only one doing something, when everyone else is just doing….nothing. You begin to feel sucked into an aura of hopelessness. You might even feel angry or just perplexed and confused. Why am I doing all these things? Why can’t they do it like I always do? Why aren’t everyone else being as useful as me?

Stop right there. Pause that thought. Grab a family photo of yours and look at it. Make sure you are also in the photo. Of all these faces, would you mind telling me whose face that you would look at the first?
I bet it’s your own face. You can have a photo of all the people you love and dear the most in this world. But trust me, if you are in the photo, your natural instinct would drive your pair of eyes to search for your image first before rolling to other images. Loving yourself is a fitrah. It is ingrained and hardwired to each and everyone of us since birth. Your soul loves yourself very much.
Islam celebrates this fitrah and impose on us to love ourselves. As stated in the Holy Quran : ‘ O you who have believed, protect yourselves and your families from hellfire….’ (at Tahrim 66:6). But forget not, that Islam also recognize and establishes the fact that one who is able to love other people as he loves his own self is the one who posses the truth faith. As mentioned by the Prophet in his hadeeth.
“ none of you (truly) believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for his brother what he loves for himself” ( reported by Al-Bukhari and Muslim). In another hadeeth narrated by Abu Musa Al Asyaari, the Prophet also mentioned about the believers being brothers in arms, each perfecting the other,

“ A believer to another believer is like a building whose different parts enforce each other” The Prophet SAW then clasped his hands with me fingers interlaced (while saying that). Islam really transform our basic fitrah of self-centredness so much so that being a loving believer to another is considered a matter of faith. If you keep on feeding the thought to yourself that you can live without anyone else beside you, then you should ask yourself, how good is your existence if there is nobody else? Will your self-existence matter?
Each and every one of us is created with different characters, personalities, capabilities as well as imperfections. Naturally, differences create frictions, and frictions hurt. Living in co-existence calls for a certain code of conduct, a guiding principal of which we call in Islam as akhlaaq. Akhlaaq glues the hearts of the believers, making them grow fonder even when the frictions escalade and create fire!
Lets us remind ourselves that each of us is also created to serve one sole mighty purpose. Being together, we complete each other, just as a man/woman completes half the imaan (faith) of his/her spouse.
No man is an island. We can never live alone. In fact, in this ummah we seek shelter under, we are never alone.

Written by
Irwan Affendi Md Naim
Kolej Teknologi Darul Naim
Majalah HALUAN,Edisi 9/2015

Find the meanings 
1. defects =
2. imperfections =
3. imminent =
4. perplexed =
5. ingrained =
6. hardwired =
7. clasped =
8. interlaced =
9. frictions =
10. escalade =

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